Wesley purchased a fiberglass 1934 Ford 3-window coupe body, and it took me four years to fabricate
the chassis and all of its components. Everything was done in his two-car garage. It is powered by a 512
BBC, Big M Dart block, Eagle Crank and rods, Keith Black 7.5 blower pistons, Howards roller cam, roller
rockers, and Dart Heads.  He fabricated a dart tunnel ram into a blower intake, 8-71 blower, custom
fabricated EFI system, Fast 85lb injectors in the ports, old Ederle mechanical upright customized to EFI
Tremac T56 6 Speed Transmission, 9” inch rear-end 5:87’s with Detroit locker, and a Custom ECU
connected to a custom computer and flat screen that displays all engine data and functions.  While he
was building the car, a friend and Wesley decided they needed to be able to control the cars with our
phones, I-pad, etc.  He built a Bluetooth control/relay board and designed a program called Ride
Controller.  He can now control anything he want on their cars. Door locks, windows, starter, lights, air
ride; anything you can think of can be controled over Bluetooth.  Ride Controller is a free application
available at the Apple App Store, which works with a custom-made relay board we build specifically for
your project.
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Wesley Barnes
Columbia, MO
1934 Ford 3 Window Coupe